Providing professional consultancy and profound expertise in hotel services

Project Planning & Execution

DHM ensuring each project undergo well developed planning process and oversee each steps of the implementation is according to the approved plan. These early stages play a very important role affecting every development progress throughout the project. By developing the right project plan, it is possible to keep up with the time schedule and better budget. This means more benefit to the investor and keeps the investment with maximum ROI.

Investment Management

We always keep in mind regarding the investment that was made by our clients should be kept as effective as possible with better effort to generate revenue and profit within expected timeframe. Providing visibility study report and business projection are an example of our investment management service.

Technical Assistance

With our hotel expertise feedback and guidance during the planning, development, and operating phase, help each component and tools in the hotel to work and function properly minimizing risk and error. Technical assistance also allows efficiency to occur which affecting your investment.

Hotel Management

We’ve been developing our hotel management system continuously to give best performance and satisfaction toward hotel guests, and bring proper GOP to investor. Our system also generates feedback through reporting and data that can be used to improve and adapt to the hotel condition and surrounding area. Human capital is one of the most vital aspects in service industry. Our hotel management system made it possible to acquire and create new talents of hospitality professionals with sufficient competency in their specific required areas. With good career opportunity and many development efforts to enhance their staff quality and behavior, DHM is able to keep their HR sustainable development program.

Quality Assurance

With all those features mentioned above, DHM could maintain its hospitality performance quality using assessment system. Our QA Management support helps hotel unit to perform and overcome challenges faster.




MOU antara PT.Dafam Hotel Management dengan PT. The Beverly Hills Bali untuk Mengoperasikan “The Beverly Hills Bali”

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Pulau Bali telah lama dikenal sebagai surga wisata bagi wisatawan domestik maupun mancanegara, salah satu andalan pariwisatanya adalah keindahan pantai, laut dan juga keindahan alamnya yang masih terjaga dengan baik, selain itu juga potensi wisata kuliner dan wisata budayanya yang khas sehingga banyak wisatawan yang tinggal dalam waktu lama di Pulau Bali. Read more...


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If you are interested in the hotel management services provided by Dafam Hotels and would like to discuss an opportunity or simply gain a better understanding of what it is that we offer, you can directly email our directors:

Andhy Irawan

Chief Executive Officer

Handono S. Putro

Managing Director

Antonius Eko

Director of Business Development (City and Business Hotel)

Andi Ananto

Director of Business Development (Villa & Resort)





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